Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Missouri Real Estate - House, Barn & 5 Acres for Sale by Owner

Missouri Real Estate - House, Barn & 5 Acres for Sale

This is an old family estate that we grew up on located in Willard, Missouri. It consists of an two story farm house, a barn, and 5 acres. The thing I like about the place from the beginning is that it's so peaceful and quiet with very little traffic that goes by in a day. It's in the country and not located on a state highway. It is located on a Farm Road that connects two state highways. I will be posting information regularly on the property. It's a beautiful lay of land, good soil and has among other mature trees including walnut, it has (my favorites!) 5 very large oak trees measuring between 3 1/2' and 6' in diameter. It's in Willard School District and the real estate taxes last year was $505.60. This is one of the large old oak trees.

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